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About Bleindoor

Bleindoor develops firmware, hardware and information systems to support Real-time Locating and Ranging Systems. Its tools and systems are used to enhance productivity and safety within manufacturing, logistics and health care operations. All of its solutions are build on either Bluetooth or UWB Radio Frequency technology and involve distance ranging based on time-of-flight (ToF). UWB is the preferred choice over less expensive Bluetooth for applications where accuracy and reliability  and crucial considerations. Bleindoor provides its customers with a complete end-to-end solution – from deployment to ongoing technical support.

Blindoor launched the world’s first UWB-based contact tracing device in April 2020 and has already released its third-generation device which is smaller, more reliable and has additional features. It’s speed to market was made possible by an earlier peer-to-peer distance ranging device it had developed for an analogous application a few years prior to pandemic.

About factory Tracing Solutions

Factory TracingSolutions (FTS) is the exclusive North American agent for DistanceKeeper. When CoronaVirus first Began its rapid spread across the globe, FTS’ founder Lou Dietrich became concerned about how the manufacturing sector could possibly remain productive if plants needed to be shut down in the event of an inhouse outbreak. As the former CEO of a Bearing Distribution company, Lou intimately understands the extreme consequences of plant shutdowns and scoured the globe for a solution to this costly problem. Knowing that localized within a factory could only be halted with consistently accurate distancing devices that generated good tracing data, Lou  selected DistanceKeeper  because it was as it was the only UWB based technology on the market that was proven to meet the requirements of a factory.

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