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DistanceKeeper 5 Piece Kit
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Effective tracing is built on the foundation of good data!  Test our device to see that it delivers consistent accuracy in your factory environment, as-advertised.


Device works right out of the box, requires no infrastructure and will be eagerly adopted by workers because no sensitive data is captured (unions love them because they keep their workers safe and working without tracking their location).  Smaller than an iPhone and half its weight, slip it in your pocket and you’re ready to go!  Buttons are used to turn device on/off as well as control the device’s alarming method (vibration, sound/beep, light) and to activate the selective disarmament feature so it won’t continually alarm when two workers consistently work side-by-side.  Device meets all required North American regulatory standards (including FCC) and is washable and resistant to sterilization (exceeds IP68 standards).


This UWB-based device senses proximity to other sensors and alarms user when a company-defined distance threshold is breached.  For your testing purposes, test kits are pre-set to alarm users at 1m (slightly more than 3ft) but can be reset to whatever distance you desire if you want to outfit your entire factory.  Consistently accurate to 4 inches ~ even in the most challenging factory environments where competing RF noise and multipath issues are present.


Device captures data on every incident of close contact.  Once deployed in your factory, data can be extracted on a daily basis by a gateway (not included) which is installed at each exit of your factory.  From the gateway the data is transferred to the cloud.  When COVID strikes your factory at-risk workers can be identified using summary reports and drill-down features.  But effective tracing is built on the foundation of good data!  Test our device to see that it delivers consistent accuracy, as-advertised.  You can also test its battery life (40 hours) and its ability to cope with a high density of users (ie. it can cope with incidents of up to 10 devices making close contact concurrently).


Other Specs:

Device dimensions: 3.75”x2.75”x9/16”

Device weight: 3 oz

Connector for recharging: Micro USB (same as used for Android)

Battery: 1000mAh LiPo


You are invited to call us if additional information is required prior to purchasing your test kit (519-502-0132).


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